Case Profile for The Djinn

Have you ever wanted your deepest darkest desires fulfilled? Well this week’s Blacklister, The Djinn, can do just that. But that is not all that is unveiled about or dastardly criminal this week. More hints at family dynamics, new players on the board, and some old friends pay Red a visit. We learn about Red’s love of the theater through the play “Mother Courage”, along with what he may desire most. Plus was it a double cross, or an elaborate plan to lure Mr. Solomon out into the open? And was that “I Love You” true coming from the international man of mystery and personas? The boys break it down plus a ton of thoughts from all of you next on The Blacklist Exposed!

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The Djinn In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
The Djinn

Red’s Rhetoric

Progress is definitely a … winner this week with 70% of the vote. Our first story comes when he is talking to Alice about how she is not living up to her “Power”. The second is during Red’s tirade toward Nasim’s father. Let us know which was your favorite by sending us a tweet, posting your vote in the facebook group, or clip your favorite on clammr, share it with the world and add the hashtag #RedPower if you can sense when people are lying, or #RedSpeech if you want Red as president in 2016.

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