Case Profile for Eli Matchett

Red and Liz turn the ship around, literally and head back to the US in order to pay a visit to the birthplace of Captain James T Kirk, IOWA. Why they are there isn’t clear until we discover that Eli Matchett is not just about getting back at the company that stole his farm, but actually to help that company destroy the entire world’s food supply through a little project called “Genesis”. Why would anyone what to do that? To make money of course! The CTO of Verdiant industries not only has a way to solve a global food crisis but also has a way to make a bunch of money doing so that goes in the coffers of, you guessed it, the Cabal. Will Red find the info he needs to build a case against the Cabal? Will Ressler and Samar find out about Verdiant’s plans? Will Glenn from the DMV come to Dembe’s rescue? All this and more on this week’s podcast.

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Eli Matchett In Pictures

Here are a just a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
Eli Matchett

Red’s Rhetoric

Was there any doubt that Red Home would be the clear winner this week! This week our first clip on Red’s Rhetoric comes when Red talks to Liz about Mugs the art thief. The second clip comes at the end of the episode when Red is face to face with the CTO of Verdiant. Let us know which was your favorite by sending us a tweet, posting your vote in the facebook group, or clip your favorite on clammr, share it with the world and add the hashtag #RedMugs if you always trust your gut, or #RedProgress if you are always on the edge of calamity.

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