Case Profile for The Troll Farmer

How fantastic was The Blacklist’s Season 3 premiere?! Red and Liz on the lam, Ressler doing his best Tommy Lee Jones, Dembe being targeted, and a bold new big bad introduced – THIS is how we do season premieres at the Post Office!

Join Troy and Aaron as they cast dumbass literary quotes to the wind and break down every hint and nuance in this episode of The Blacklist Exposed! Where is Ressler going this season? What do ‘they’ want with Dembe? Is the Cabal truly exposed? All this, listener feedback, Red’s Rhetoric, and much more! Stop reading already and listen to this podcast before the NSA shuts us down!

We want your answer to the profiling question of the week: What does The Cabal and Mr Solomon want with Dembe? Visit our feedback page to leave a response or call +1 (304) 837-2278.

Here is just a bit of what you can expect on this week’s episode!

This Episode In Pictures

These pictures are guaranteed not to have been enhanced or altered in anyway by The Troll Farmer. Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week.
The Troll Farmer

Red’s Rhetoric

This week our first clip on Red’s Rhetoric comes during the scene when Red and Liz are hiding under the sink and share a moment of Peace and the second clip comes when Red chats with Ressler to see if he can be a man of his word. Let us know which was your favorite by sending us a tweet, posting your vote in the facebook group, or clip your favorite on clammr, share it with the world and add the hashtag #RedPeace if you can whether the storm or #RedWord if you are willing to make a trade.

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