Case Profile for Vanessa Cruz

Who is Vanessa Cruz? Liz and Ressler hit the streets in search of this elusive manipulator after Red puts them onto her trail. Red always has an angle, so what is hers?  Tom comes back into the light here as well, needing Liz’s assistance in order to make himself vanish…but will he? Red and the Director square off in a battle of the wills that puts Red’s life squarely in the balance. On this episode of The Blacklist Exposed, Troy and Aaron dive into this shocking hour of The Blacklist and address these questions and more. Listen now!

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Podcast Awards

Thanks to your nomination, The Blacklist Exposed is now a FINALIST for the 2015 Podcast Awards! We are absolutely honored and thrilled to have ourselves and 2 other Golden Spiral Media podcasts make it to the voting round. The award winners will be announced April 14th in Las Vegas and we will live stream the announcement for all of you.
Podcast Awards Vote, Tom Keen

Red’s Rhetoric

Reddington and Mr. Jasper’s conversations went bi polar this week so why not feature both of them on Red’s Rhetoric? Send us a tweet with your vote @TheBlacklistGSM or post a comment in the facebook group with the hashtag #redrubicon if you would rather pitch than catch or #redfork if forked tongue is on the menu tonight.

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