Case Profile for Season 2 Preview Show

Are you ready for the September 22nd premiere of The Blacklist’s 2nd season? Well grab a seat and some yogurt pretzels because this Season 2 Preview episode of The Blacklist Exposed is all about priming you for the latest double-crossing adventures of master criminal Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington and his right-hand Agent Elizabeth Keen.

Aaron and Troy return to discuss where we left each character at the end of last season’s nail-biting finale. From Red’s incarceration to Cooper’s hospitalization, The Blacklist Exposed is on the case!

We also run through every major question the show left dangling over our heads, and where we think those questions might lead. Be sure to listen to the entirety of the show as we want feedback from you so next week we can put YOU on The Blacklist!

Be sure to answer our profiling question of the week: What question do you want answered the most on season 2 of The Blacklist?

Each week of The Blacklist Exposed will take a deep look at both the minor and major plotlines to this fantastic series. Be sure to subscribe and review us in iTunes, Stitcher, or through whichever podcast app you prefer. Also check out our other Golden Spiral Media Podcasts. Thanks for listening! We’ll talk to you soon. In the meantime, be sure to keep yourself off…The Blacklist.