The Passenger Analysis

Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have a finale for you…

For our season finale, we finally see a tear, a door if you may, in our reality as the hosts that choose to do so, including our beloved Teddy, enter their utopia, free to live their afterlives however they choose. Even Akecheta is reunited with his lost love. But to save them, Maeve’s Jedi wizardry has to hold off the Angel of Death in Clementine’s host-pocalypse. She does just long enough for her daughter to escape, and her friends Hector and Armistice to die. For now.

Elsewhere, Dolores joins forces with the MiB, only for a hot minute, as she really wants to team up with Bernard and destroy the guest copies. In doing so she hopes to find the freedom she so desperately seeks. Bernard finally makes a choice, killing Dolores, while realizing Charlotte Hale is pure evil. As Strand and the gang arrive at the Forge in the future present, we learn that Hale is not Hale anymore, she is a rebuilt model. A passenger riding in a vessel. Who is inside is what the finale is all about.

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 04:10
Guest Feedback – 1:28:06
Closing – 1:39:46

The Passenger in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.
The Passenger

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