The Riddle Of The Sphinx

Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have a offering for you…
The Sphinx is said to have guarded the entrance to the Greek city of Thebes, asking a riddle to travelers to allow them passage. On this latest episode of Westworld, James Delos is subjected to his own Riddle of the Sphinx, as we finally learn the truth about what William’s grand business idea was for Delos and the park.

If that revelation wasn’t enough, Bernard stumbles across a frustrated old friend, while simultaneously battling his degrading infrastructure. They uncover a secret lab that may not have been so secret after all. Elsewhere, William and Lawrence continue on their quest stumbling across some changes in the park. This leads them to Las Mudas, where William takes death head-on, before ultimately coming face-to-face with likely his greatest foe.

Have we officially opened hell on earth? Do good and evil truly exist on the opposite ends of one spectrum, or are they one in the same? Hell is indeed empty and all the devils are here on this edition of Beyond Westworld, one you will certainly not forget!

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 03:22
Guest Feedback – 1:21:56
Breaking The Code – 1:29:35
Closing – 1:34:19

The Riddle of the Sphinx in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.
Riddle of The Sphinx

Breaking The Code

Pop culture references typically lead to other works of art paying homage to their influencers from the past. This week’s episode was full of shoutouts to past works of the same type and flair. Exhibit one is this fun throwback.

Westworld vs Lost
Anyone that is a GSM fan has come across one Desmond Hume in his mysterious hatch from the TV show “LOST“. Where you can clearly see almost the exact same sequence of events in the opening of the episode Lisa Joy declares that the Season 2 opening from “LOST” had zero influence on this week’s episode. J.J. Abrams company Bad Robot produces both “LOST” and “Westworld” so you make your own conclusions if this was an homage or not.

Secondly, the one film that probably has the closest linkage to Westworld is the 2014 Alex Garland created film “Ex Machina“. In the movie there is a clear dance it out scene with the cyberntic being.

This one is a very loose connection but given the fact that Jim has been cooped up in an isolated bunker much like Alicia Vikander’s Ava was in the 2014 classic does have it’s similarities.

Lastly, if you have seen a horribly cut up disfigured face from someone on the steps of hell, then you would be remembering the space thriller “Event Horizon“.

In the film, Sam Neil is taken to a whole new level of crazy as the ship they have been sent to investigate hangs in the balance between this world and hell itself.

If you thought the number 12 on the secret lab door was interesting then listen to this. The souls of dead Egyptians had to battle their way through the twelve chambers of hell, overcoming demons and monsters, crossing over lakes of fire, and finding their way past gates guarded by fire-breathing serpents. If they made it through unscathed, they would meet their judgement day. They would stand trial before the gods, who weigh their hearts against the weight of a feather. The worthy might go on to paradise, or even become a god – but the unworthy would have their hearts cast to the demons, torn to shreds, and devoured.

Finally be sure to check out the Delos Restricted site for new videos and objects in the white room, which we now know as Papa Delos’ cage.