Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have a reunion for you…
Why don’t we start at the beginning. Reunion takes us to the root of the park, as the truth behind Westworld is finally revealed. Well, not all truths, but the essentials of how the park came to be certainly are. Join Aaron and Troy as they journey back-and-forth in time following William and Dolores’ tale of their emerging narratives, each character embarking on a new arc built off of old memories. By conclusion we will have many questions finally answered, with several deeper quandaries having now arisen. This is an exciting exploration into this latest episode of Westworld, “Reunion”.

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 02:52
Guest Feedback – 1:03:33
Breaking The Code – 1:10:21
Closing – 1:17:02

Reunion in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.

Breaking The Code

If you check out the map over at the Discover Westworld site, you will see that host trackers have been enabled on Maeve and Dolores so we can see their progression to “The Valley Beyond” and the search for Maeve’s daughter.

Guest Devin Fox Kulik posed an interesting theory. The WEAPON Dolores refers to is a disease. In the first season, Ford casually mentions cures for disease in the real world and that makes for a non-interesting existence. Jim Delos seems sick at his retirement party. He talks about his demise and how he doesn’t have as much “time”. Perhaps Logan is not shooting up herione or another drug, but shooting MEDICINE into his body to help fight his ailment. Perhaps humans have all become ill and are quickly dying. (See: Charlie).
What William does is take and use human DNA within the park to find a CURE to this potentially species-ending disease. (Why a guest praises him during season one about how his foundation “saved” him and MiB cuts him off.)
Perhaps to use what William created as a weapon is to take the disease that he cured but put it back out into the “real world” without an antidote, thus, killing all mankind. That’s why MiB realizes he needs to “burn it to the ground” before Dolores gets a chance to destroy humanity.

Bernard also mentions ants in “Journey Into Night” discussion how they communicate subconsciously like the hosts do. He also points out that they are they only other species that can “wage war” like humans. Note that we see ants during the scene with Lawrence.