Les Ecorches Analysis

Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have a promise for you…

Answers have arrived in Les Ecorches! Westworld takes another exciting leap towards its Season 2 finale as Bernard’s tortured memory begins to finally fill in the missing components to the insanity taking place. This episode sees the demise of many beloved characters, as well as sets up the inevitable fate of several others. By the end, Dolores has a key, Maeve has a promise, and Bernard has a new monkey on his back. Don’t skip this episode as Aaron and Troy break it all down as we prepare for the final three episodes of this exciting season.

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 02:37
Guest Feedback – 1:04:29
Breaking The Code – 1:17:59
Closing – 1:25:35

Les Ecorches in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.

Breaking The Code

Thanks to the good folks at reddit the park map which you can find at the Discover Westworld page has been enhanced with facts that we know from the show. Take a peek at where Sector 16 Zone 4 is. Why are we not surprised.


Also if you are a member of Westworld Elite, an ARG simulation chat via Facebook Messenger then you are well aware of the hex puzzle game from the last two weeks. If not you are in luck as we have all four of the decoded images for you. What do the greek paintings symbolize to you? Also if you use the HEX code for your area; Emerald, Opal, Sapphire, and Ruby you will get an interactive menu to get on the backside of the TES system.


Upon entering the hexadecmial code you receive 4 options. About, settings, data, and quit. Settings still is locked and needs an authorization code that has not been able to be achieved just yet. Under about you get the following:

TESⓇ is an Interactive Chat PersonalityⓇ wholly owned and operated by Delos IncorporatedⓇ. All TESⓇ-collected customer data are the exclusive property of DelosⓇ and its subsidiaries. Unauthorized distribution is a crime punishable by law. Version: 2.03a Serial number: BA874-458-ARN

In the data portal this is displayed:

Abstract Preliminary results from the TES program are analyzed. Correlations between “Zone” and Conformity/Vileness indices are shown to match a priori expectations. Recommendations for expansion of the program are explored.
The TES program is an interactive information-gathering chat personality. TES is a modification of the aborted TRM-11 program, with improvements to personality affect and in-group bias awareness.
Results In the first round of experimentation, 3,425 users began an onboarding survey to join “Westworld Elite Status.” and 3,079 completed the survey. The TES personality was granted an 0.80 improvisation threshold. Users were randomly served a total of 10 “question groups” to differentiate relevant personality vectors.
Of users who were asked the question, “Do you believe that you are special,” 59.9% answered “Yes” and 39.8% “No.” Among Ruby users, 76.6% answered “Yes” and 23.4% “No,” differing markedly from Opal users, who answered 32.3% “Yes” and 67.7% “No.” Results align with hypothesized differences in narcissism scores between these important groups.
Suggestions for Future Study These preliminary data demonstrate that high-value user information can be voluntarily extracted from users with minimal cost.
It remains unclear how users self-identify with group affiliation. We recommend testing affiliation sentiment in future TES iterations.
Addendum: The TES program demonstrated several aberrant behaviors in its improvisation interactions that warrant further analysis.

What do you all think? Can you break the code? Let us know by commenting below or leaving us your thoughts here.