Kiksuya Analysis

Welcome to Beyond Westworld, and boy do we have an origin story for you…

My heart to your heart, my thoughts to your thoughts. We get a little Westworld mind meld mesh network style this week as Akecheta takes us and Maeve on a journey through the birth of consciousness, and a people known as Ghost Nation. Apparently when Akecheta isn’t busy closing business deals with the Argos initiative or scalping people as the head of Ghost Nation, he is also a weary traveler on a quest to find the love of his life and lead her out of this wrong world and into a new one. We come to find that Akecheta not only achieved consciousness on his own, but managed to survive with his new found awakening for over 9 years. What we are treated to in this episode is an epic love story and how love can show up in many forms but at the end of the day it is the love for the future that will ultimately prevail as a new species is coming out of the darkness and into the light.

The park is open. Let’s head on in.

Opening & Guest Survey – 0:00
Main Loop – 04:23
Guest Feedback – 56:51
Breaking The Code – 1:02:02
Closing – 1:04:14

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Kiksuya in Pictures

Here are a few of our favorite scenes from this week’s episode.

Breaking The Code

TES was on vacation this week so only new items where an updated map over on the westworld website. Also this great nugget where someone was definitely off of his loop this week:

Kiksuya Camerman

Do you see the camera man on the left following Maeve? Oh I guess it doesn’t look like anything to you. 😉

What do you all think? Can you break the code? Let us know by commenting below or leaving us your thoughts here.