Disney animation has a rich history of creating memorable characters and stories, and many of these characters belong to various “families” within the Disney universe. These families often serve as the central focus of the narratives, providing themes of love, friendship, and adventure.

Disney continues to create new and diverse families in their animated films, each with its unique dynamics and adventures. The theme of family is a recurring and important element in many Disney stories, emphasizing the values of love, loyalty, and the journey of self-discovery.

With so many examples of great Disney families, the question is which family is the best? Is there a family you connect with? This is a question that Rachel and Jeremiah tackle in this week’s episode. Joining them are their daughters Elizabeth and Kristen. Together they compare a group of Disney families using a 16-group bracket. Come listen in and hear which family they liked the best. Be sure to download the bracket below and play along.

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