Most theme park restaurants often offer a variety of food options, including quick-service meals, sit-down dinners, and snacks. Many of those restaurants are themed to match the overall themed area of the park, and may feature décor and atmosphere that is designed to immerse guests in the park’s theme. Some theme park restaurants also offer special dining experiences, such as character meals or dinners with live entertainment. But for a long time the reputation of the food was poor.

Over time, Disney has changed the way we look at theme park food. They offer varied and well-crafted options, with a range of dishes that are prepared with care and attention to detail. They put quality higher on the list than other parks, making the experience more pleasant. Most of the time a Disney restaurant will offer different dietary preferences and allergies. Those efforts have made Disney different from their competition.

Both parks at Disneyland offer a lot of these kinds of options, so this can make it hard to decide which one is the best. In this episode Rachel and Jeremiah discuss which options work when you need a bite to eat but does not require a reservation. Those fast casual options can be critical in having a great experience. Come listen to what they feel is your best option when visiting Disneyland Resort.

Our final top 6:
Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo
Rancho del Zocalo
French Market Restaurant

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