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Best Animated Disney Villains

by Mouse House Weekly | Golden Spiral Media

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Who is the greatest Disney Animated Villain? That is a very challenging question to answer!  To help determine who really is the nastiest of them all, Rachel and Jeremiah do a tournament-style bracket putting 16 top villains against each other.

Download a copy of their bracket and play along as you listen!

Disney Tip of the Week:
Disney Themed Drinks

Cold Front
Elsa’s cocktail, the Cold Front, is a gorgeous, milky-white and blue concoction that includes

1 part White Chocolate Liqueur
1 part Peppermint Schnapps
2 parts Milk
1 part Malibu

Seeing Spots
Seeing Spots, in honor of Cruella DeVille, I thought it was perfect

1 part Raspberry Vodka
1 part Chocolate Liqueur
2 parts Cream

More Disney inspired cocktails

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