Welcome back to Berserker Cast! In episode 16, Darrell and I (Emilee) discuss the season 5 premiere of Falling Skies entitled “Find Your Warrior”. This episode originally aired on Sunday June 28, 2015 and drew in a mere 2 million viewers. This is down significantly from the previous season’s premiere, but can hardly be unexpected due to season 4’s rocky arc. If you’ve been listening to Berserker Cast regularly, you’ll know that I’m the first to defend this series and the story lines, but based on the events of last season I’m not surprised even some of the committed fans fell off.

Hopefully this season marks a distinct change toward stability and rationality! Actually, who am I kidding? This is a show about a post-apocalyptic world in which aliens are trying to oppress, and suppress, humans through hybridization schemes. Rationality has long been thrust out the window.

The end of season four brought the possibility of the introduction of yet a third alien race (enemy of my enemy, anyone?), but the opening scene of the premiere nearly dashed those hopes. Something weird is going on in that opening scene and Darrell and I spend a lot of time discussing the details that come into play throughout the episode, and perhaps the season. If you didn’t like this opening scene, or didn’t understand it, I encourage you to rewatch the episode! It was extremely rewarding the second time around.

Heading into this final season, there are a number of things I really want this show to find its way back. I want it to rediscover its roots, which used to be secured in American history, and I want it to rediscover hope. The latter of these two wishes is something that has drifted in and out of the series, coming in and out with varied degrees of intensity, but overall significantly lacking in terms of believing they can win this war. In order for this series to feel satisfying at its close, I need to feel like the humans have a hope that extends beyond a will (or obligation) to keep fighting.

In my opinion, this season is off to a great start! It took me a rewatch of the episode, but I found within a great historical reference that may lend some suggestion toward the arc of the season. You’re going to have to listen to hear details as to what this reference, and theory, is though!

Next Week
I will be at the cabin next week… But will still be around to review episode 2 of season 5: “Hunger Pains”.

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