And we’re back! After an extremely long hiatus, Darrell and I (Emilee) are excited to jump back into our ongoing discussions of the wonderful TNT post-apocalyptic alien drama Falling Skies and all of its Berserkery goodness. In this episode of Berserker Cast, we take some time to talk about all the things season 4 did well, all of the things season 4 could have done without, and look ahead at the season to come.

For those of you who haven’t had time to go back and rewatch season four, we hope to remind you of the highs and lows of the previous season and help you to recalibrate your Falling Skies feelers as we jump head first into the premiere next week! For those of you who have rewatched the season, we hope to provide a little entertainment in our own perceptions of the way certain story arcs unfolded.

As is often the case, Darrell and I disagreed on a lot of second round perceptions. I went into the rewatch remembering a lot of negatives about the season and ended up finding a lot to enjoy. We take the time to break down what we enjoyed, detailing the dense exploration into humanity and family that this show uses in the midst of its very science fiction premise, and remind ourselves of what drew us into this show in the first place. But, along those same lines, there were a lot of downers to season four and neither of us hold back in our opinions of what we didn’t like!

The premiere of season 5 takes place on June 28, 2015 and we will record our podcast LIVE on Tuesday June 30 at 8/7C. You can watch Darrell and I discuss the premiere and join in the conversation by logging in on this page. Hope to see you there!

Wait! There’s more!
Check out Justina’s blog post! She recaps the previous season and looks ahead to what’s coming!

In the podcast I mentioned the short promo I watched for this season. You can see that video by clicking on this link.

Next Week
Season 5 Episode 1: “Find Your Warrior”

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