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If you’re wondering what new, hip-happenin’ musical trio is featured in the banner image for this podcast, let me take a moment to set you straight: that is no musical trio. At least, not so far as I am aware. These three young, devilish-looking creatures are just a few reasons we have to look forward to Arrow Season 5. Echo Kellum will be reprising his role as Curtis, on a more regular basis; the Black Canary’s imposter from the end of season 4, portrayed by Madison McLaughlin, will also return; and finally, the new face, Rick Gonzalez will appear as Rene “Wild Dog” Ramirez.

We’ve got a lot of information for you in this installment of Arrow Squad! There are some changes happening on the podcast, which we explain in detail, and then jump into the discussions about what we know about Arrow Season 5 thus far. Everything from casting to plot to anticipation of different developments, we dig into it all!

Have you seen this…?

I cannot wait for the conversation that leads to this:

And how about the momentary glimpse at the new big bad?


Many conventions are happening here in the upcoming weekends. Here’s a little breakdown:

Heroes & Villains Fan Fest in San Jose, CA
August 27 & 28
Brian is going to be moderating panels and socializing like an extroverted crazy person. If you’re attending, be sure to connect with him. You can easily reach him at @iamtherealbrian.

Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA
Labor Day Weekend (Sept 2-5)
Of course, Podcast Overlord will be representing, as usual. If you want to meet up with him, help carry his thrown, or shower him with minion love, you’ll be certain to find him chillin’ around the American Sci-Fi and Fantasy tracks. Hit him up if you’ll be at DragonCon! @kbachelder

Delta Fan Fest in Southaven, MS
September 17 & 18
Looking for an excuse to see Katrina Law or Dean Cain? Of course you are. Here’s your chance! This convention is taking place just 10 minutes south of Memphis, TN.


As always, we’d love to hear from you. Whether you’ve got thoughts about news coming out leading up to the season 5 premiere or you have theories you want to discuss, we welcome it all. Go to our feedback page and submit your written or audio feedback!

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