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As the episode title says, this podcast was recorded as a live Blab event! At times there will be references to things that might not have been translated from visual to audio, as we were on video. We hope that there were enough discussions that weren’t lost in translation!

In this installment of Arrow Squad, the triumvirate gather to take a look back on season 4. What worked? What didn’t work? What do we want out of season 5? These last 8 episodes we’ve talked more about what didn’t work, but we wanted to draw attention to some of the great setups of the season, what held our interest, and how that all gives us hope for the upcoming season.

Joining us live are podcast contributors you’ll recognize! Justina (the Green Butterfly), Geoff (XForce11), and Jeremy from Australia all hop in the extra seat (Blab has “seats” where, if you join live, you can talk with us “face-to-face”).

You can watch the video version of this podcast here…

Even though the season is over, we still want to hear from you! Please send in any thoughts you had in response to our season 4 review, any hopes or theories you have for season 5, and (really) whatever else you need to get off your chest! Using our feedback page is the easiest option. You can upload an audio file, type up an email, or use the SpeakPipe widget (voicemail).

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