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Welcome, Arrow Squad! We’re so glad you could join us, as always, for another installment of the podcast. This week, Podcast Overlord and myself (Miss Ice) have to make do without The Shadow (technical difficulties with watching the episode live). Because of schedules, we recorded almost immediately after the episode aired, but I think it ended up being great! We didn’t have time to think about plot holes or writing faux pas, so we finally had a discussion about the ongoing story.

This week’s episode saw the return of Felicity’s ex-boyfriend Cooper (aka Brother Eye), portrayed by Nolan Gerard Funk. We got more of Tom Amandes’s Noah “Calculator” Kuttler and Alexander Calvert’s Anarky. We also likely saw the last of Janet Kidder’s Ruve Adams and Parker Young’s Alex Davis, both of whom were confirmed dead in this episode. Unless Darhk does some hokus pokus for his wife.

Lost in the Flood

It’s an interesting title, but one I’m now fond of for it’s figurative reference. There have been so many references to the ark and starting over, Damien Darhk referenced the Bible himself when talking about Noah and the flood. It feels to me that this episode was Team Arrow fighting off the rising water levels of the oncoming flood. They’re doing what they can in the midst of not knowing what exactly Damien Darhk’s exact plan is.

The highlights for me in this episode were the pace of the episode, the return to humor mixed in with the serious, and the and the surprise implosion of the Dome. Darhk’s plans were thrown into disarray at the end of this episode, which likely makes him more dangerous than ever (which, c’mon, is saying something). I’m concerned with Darhk improvising now that Plan A was foo-barred, but I’m also very pleased that it was a surprise!

One of the most interesting facets of this episode was the strong parallel between Donna dealing with Noah and the effect that her attitude has had on Felicity’s life. As we’ve (and I’ve) said in the past, Felicity has every right to make the decisions she makes, but it’s also very telling as to how impactful a parent’s perspective and choices have on their children. We saw very clearly that Felicity is a product of her parents whether or not her father was around to be an direct influence (let’s be honest… his genes did enough). Donna doesn’t do much in this episode toward giving Noah a second chance or a second look; had she, might it have had a stronger impact on Felicity? Maybe this will be a growing point for both of them going into the final episode of the season.

Next Week

The SEASON FINALE! Season 4 Episode 23 “Schism”
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We’d love for you to get in on the finale discussion! Luckily we’re giving you 2 opportunities to participate. Podcast Overlord and Shadow will be recording a reactions-cast (similar to this week’s) next Thursday evening, so please go ahead and send in your reactions via the usual channels (our feedback page). I have to work, so we will be recording another podcast, a look-back-at-the-season podcast, on May 8 @ 8pm ET. We will be using Blab to have this discussion. If you’d like to join in the fun, here is the link!

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