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Welcome back to Arrow Squad! We’ve broken the Code of Silence in order to talk about Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 “Code of Silence”, which originally aired on February 17, 2016. This episode revolved around the first Star City mayoral debate since Ruvé Adams joined the race. Oliver & Co. know who she truly is, of course, and have the jump of defending themselves against a half-hearted plot to take Oliver’s life before he can take the podium.

Code of Silence
I hope I am not alone (and I don’t think I am) in expressing my disappointment over Thea’s reaction to Oliver’s confession about William. This episode was setting something up, and even though it didn’t turn out like I thought it would (which, I suppose, is a good thing), it did disappoint me nonetheless.
It looked like the truth about William would either be revealed at the debate or at the engagement party. The more I thought about it, post-episode, the more I realized that a debate would not be the place to air such news. It could, of course, but dropping the bombshell at the engagement party is a much more likely scenario of the two.

I’m not disappointed the news wasn’t aired, I’m only upset with Thea. For a girl who hates being lied to and criticized her older brother very harshly for a very long time for keeping secrets, she knows better than to give her brother the advice she gave. There were a couple scenes, between Thea and Laurel, in which I was like, “Wait, have they been body snatched?!” At this juncture, Thea siding with Samantha does not make sense. We’ll see.
A Little Less Glitter?
Clearly Oliver didn’t learn anything from SNL. We need more Cowbell. And in this case, Cowbell == Glitter. Mama Smoak outdid herself in this episode, but she also showed us just how strong she really is! Just like Shadow said last week, beneath the chipper and quirky facade lives the heart of a woman who has seen a lot of heartache and learned a lot of lessons. How wonderful that they characterized Donna as a woman who could celebrate her daughter’s happiness in the midst of her own heartbreak.
Undoubtedly, the high point of the party was when Mr. Terrific pulls out the wedding present of the century. An implantable bio-stimulant. Wha-what?! We might finally learn why Felicity’s legs looked all glossy in the flash forward (according to one Arrow Squad host that shall not be named)! What do you think, though, is it too soon for Felicity to walk again?

Lance Family
It took a long time, but the Lance duo seem to be back on solid ground. At the very least they’re being friendly again and not the excruciating anger that emanated from Captain Lance following Sarah’s death. And resurrection.

The scene at collapsed building intrigued me. I wondered why the subterfuge of masking Lance’s death in an apparent building explosion, but it was nice Lance offered a suggestion himself: maybe they don’t want to take the heat for killing a police captain. Still, the lack of follow-up after their first hit failed was disappointing. Not because I want Lance to die, but because it is so uncharacteristic of Dahrk.

Then again, he’s likely not in any rush. He’ll try again.
The sign on the building also intrigued me. The screen capture is a little blurry, my apologies, but it says: “Unlimited Growth Increases The Divide”. This is a hotel in Vancouver, the Del Mar Hotel. There is a story surrounding the hotel, which tells of the owner’s commitment to maintain the hotel at a very affordable rate in order to accommodate the poor. It’s a sweet story, but part of the artist’s purpose for inscribing the phrase above on the front of the building is very relevant:

[The phrase] is directed at those who operate our free-market economy in their own interests, while excluding those interests that would be ‘responsive to the needs of the community’.

Interesting, considering who demoed the building, isn’t it? An organization who is operating the city for their own interests instead of what is in the interest of the common good?

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