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Crossovers have to be one of the greatest aspects to television. What better way to make a story arc exciting than to show just how big the universe our characters live in is? We really hope you had a chance to catch up on enough of The Flash in order to get a full dose of this crossover awesomeness, but in case you didn’t, we decided to team up with Tony and Joe from Central City Underground, our resident Flash podcast, to chat about this season’s two-night event! In this episode we discuss The Flash, Season 2 Episode 8 “Legends of Today”, and Arrow, Season 4 Episode 8 “Legends of Yesterday”. These episodes originally aired on December 1 and 2, respectively.

Hawkgirl & Hawkman

Believe it or not, these are two DC characters that I actually knew quite a bit about coming into this arc. Not a lot in comparison to what’s known by a person who grew up reading DC comics, but a lot in comparison to Green Arrow or The Flash. What drew me to their story was the concept of two people being bound by ancient magic, in which they cycled through reincarnations, finding and losing one another over and over.
I wasn’t overly impressed with the actor who played Carter Hall/Hawkman. He sounded like he was on autopilot. Having previously experienced Michael Shanks as Carter Hall in Smallville, my expectations were pretty high. Chemistry between the two actors, Hawkman and Hawkgirl, was lacking as well. Chemistry comes in many forms. Despite Jay Garrick’s rather inefficient utilization on The Flash, he and Harrison Wells have a ripe chemistry of mutual disdain. And it works! I can feel it. But I feel nothing between these two kids. Hopefully that will improve as their dynamic is explored.

Secret Keeping

I’m writing this blog post before we’ve recorded the podcast, so I fully intend to bring this up. But I can’t not write about it here because it was such a huge issue for me. I was so disappointed with the direction both Samantha and Felicity took regarding Oliver’s discovery of fatherhood. I don’t think it’s out of character, I’m just saddened that the two female characters who had the most meaningful discussions with Oliver this week were totally cast into stereotypical, drama-filled roles.

I’ll start with Samantha. For a girl who was knocked up in high school, presumably, she’s extremely well off. She seems to have a system down with her son, she can afford a great house, a fairly new car, and to enroll the kid in whatever sport he was in. All this without cashing Moira’s check. She’s not struggling for money, she hasn’t been oppressed by the system. And yet, when Oliver confronts her, heart in hand, she adamantly refuses to provide him with a path that will lead him into a mature and healthy relationship with his son.

I’m not saying she should go right upstairs and introduce Oliver to William as his father. I’m saying that she’s asking Oliver to be immature about the relationships he has with everyone else by forcing him to keep a secret, so that the “chaos” of his life (in quotes because it’s Samantha’s perceived chaos, not literally Oliver being the Green Arrow) will not interfere with William’s well-adjusted life. She puts him into a no-win situation. If she and her son are so well adjusted, she should have found a way to make that work.
I would make a Gilmore Girls reference here, but I think this may be the wrong audience for that.

Next… Felicity. Oh, Felicity, darling. Look, I get, I totally get, that she and Oliver have been through the ringer when it comes to him keeping secrets from her and the team. I am not underestimating the toll it took on her when Oliver went “undercover” in the League of Assassins, nor am I trying to diminish the effect lying has on a committed relationship.

However, Felicity was a paranoid wreck in this episode. He respectfully asked her to give him time to sort things out, and when he didn’t come clean 20 minutes later, he is accused of keeping secrets and lying. Then, she pounces on the first opportunity to learn about what Oliver’s being so secretive about and actually learns the truth before he can tell her about it. So, when she confronts him and gives him the opportunity to come clean, she’s not actually giving him an opportunity, but guiding him into a trap that will result in an ultimatum.

It’s disappointing because coming just weeks after Felicity’s breakdown that she’s never been the girl to lose herself in a guy, she is pulling another play from the same handbook.

Look, I’m not married. I’m not living with someone. I know that rules are different in a committed relationship, but there has to be some level of grace for allowing a person time to deal with something in the way they deal with it. Everyone processes information differently. I’d have reacted in the same way in Oliver’s shoes. Give me a moment to process before attacking me!
If Felicity is going to be this frantic and paranoid girl every time something big happens in their lives, I don’t want the two of them together! It’s quite immature.

Ok, end diatribe. I can’t tell yet whether this is good storytelling or cliched storytelling. I think the next episode will tell me more. I’m still more annoyed by Samantha than Felicity. Because Samantha had to know this was a possibility.

I’m talking about these people like they’re real. So maybe the problem is Samantha’s character wasn’t fleshed out enough before throwing her into the mix!

Who’s In The Grave?

Felicity or William? Those are my two guesses right now. Felicity because of temporal backlash. William because he will soon be sucked into Oliver’s orbit. What’s your theory? Leave a comment!

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Next Week

The winter finale is upon us! Can you even believe it? Season 4 Episode 9 “Dark Waters” is next.


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