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We’re almost there! With one week left before the season premiere of Arrow, we present you with another very unconventional podcast that is all about our theories and speculation leading into the new season. But not just our theories, because this episode was recorded LIVE using an awesome new social media tool called Blab. Blab allowed us the opportunity to bring on a variety of guests, familiar and unfamiliar, to provide insight and expertise.

This method of recording the podcast was undoubtedly an experiment. We’ve never done a live show for Arrow Squad, but Golden Spiral Media does many of their shows live (Falling Skies and Person of Interest, to name two). Blab is an interesting, and slightly unpredictable, tool but it seems to provide us with all of the elements we need to interact with you and for you to watch us record. It likely won’t be a weekly thing, but we are interested to know your reaction on two accounts:

1) If you were in the live event: Was it interesting? Did you find it entertaining? What would you change about the way we hosted the podcast?
2) If you ONLY listened to the audio: were you able to follow the conversation? Was it interesting even if you couldn’t see us, or see what we were referring to visually? Did it make you want to attend the live event?
Much of our conversation centered around an article I (Miss Ice) found referencing a photo posted by Stephen Amell, in which he (as Oliver) and Barry were in black suits. The photo was captioned “Game changing scenes are fun.” Based on that photo, a vast web of conspiracies and theories have exploded and now there is speculation that a major character is going to die in episode 1. What do you think? Want to weigh in on our theories?

Another point of conversation was concerned about Diggle’s new costume. One of our guests, Mike, called him Blackneto! We found that very funny. One of our listeners, and fellow podcast fiend, Karen (Scarlet Cougar), posted a series of photos to our Facebook page which show off the costume in a better light. Please do go check those out on our page. The one I’ve posted here is, I think, a better shot of the costume in a way that makes it look less like Magneto and more like a centurion. Maybe.

Time will tell! Many of the people in the chat room said they have faith that the costume will deliver, and I tend to agree. Sometimes these promo pics accentuate the wrong aspect of the costume and when we see it in live action it comes across much better!

Next Week
Season 4 Episode 1 “Green Arrow”

We want your reactions to the premiere! We record our podcast on Thursday evenings, so if you want your feedback featured for the discussion immediately following a new episode, please do try to get that in by Thursday at 6/5C. You can write us an email, record a voicemail, or upload an audio file using our feedback page.

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