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Superhero Roundtable

Presenting…. The Central City Arrow Under Squad Ground! Or something. It’s the first Superhero Roundtable! Hopefully the first of many because we had a fantastic time chatting with Tony (The Director) and Joe (Joey Shakespeare) about the conjoined DC Comics universe! Tony has a great background in DC Comics, having grown up reading them, and Joe’s knowledge of The Flash comics lend extremely well to this discussion. Particularly interesting were their theories on a potential multiverse on season two of The Flash and how that might come into play in the broader television universe.

We don’t just stick to the television universe, either. Though The Flash and Arrow are the center points for our conversation, we jump from comics to the cinematic universe to comic con as well. We touch on the actors chosen for popular DC roles in the cinematic universe, talk about the differences between Marvel and DC’s approach to developing a broader universe, and speculate on what’s to come from both. Hopefully we cover enough ground to satiate the deepening void that our favorite shows have left in our hearts.

The roundtable format was particularly fun as we each discuss what we are looking forward to in our respective shows, theories we have to some revealed plots, and the general anticipation of the crossover episodes leading up to the mid-season run of Legends of Tomorrow! Looking ahead to the upcoming seasons, it’s becoming harder to avoid spoilers, so if you are keen not to be spoiled by anything, you may want to avoid this podcast. We don’t touch on anything hugely revealing, just the general stuff that’s been released over the last month or two about casting, characters, and the like.

Dragon Con 2015

Don’t forget to let us know whether you are coming to DragonCon! We are keeping a list of people so that we can arrange a meetup, share some laughs, and un-virtualize our friendship! Send us an email: team at arrowsquad dot com


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