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Following Oliver’s release from Prometheus’s lair, he sets out on his final two plans as Green Arrow: to kill Prometheus, and disband the team. Both goals prove more complex than he thought, however, as Diggle, Felicity, and the rest of Team Arrow continue to fight to keep the team of vigilantes together, and continue to work on Oliver’s mission to protect the city. To take down Prometheus, Oliver enlists the help of the Bratva, by making a questionable deal with his old friend Anatoli. As Team Arrow continues to work closer with Helix as well, the deals and compromises made are building as the stakes raise, and the team is left to find out if all of this will actually bring down Prometheus, or come crashing down on them instead.

Listen in to hear Cammie and The Flash discuss “Disbanded” (5×18).  As always we love getting feedback from the Arrow Squad members so please send in your thoughts too!

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