The following appears with permission from Kate Cummings, a 12 Monkeys fan and author of this letter which appeared on Facebook in the group, Addicts of the 12 Monkeys:


Dear SyFy,

I want to tell you a story.

In 2010, I did something I never thought I would do: I forgave Fox Broadcasting. In 2012, I realized something even more unexpected: I had actually begun to respect Fox again.

The ire that Fox earned over its mistreatment and cancellation of Firefly was well deserved, and the passionate-verging-on-obsessive fan base that forms the foundation of smart, serious science fiction has a VERY long memory. But the only thing more potent than our ability to carry a grudge is our dedication to the shows that define what it means to be great science fiction.

So when, against all odds, Fox renewed Fringe for a third season, I was at a loss. Everyone KNEW that Fox hated sci-fi, that it would look for any reason to torpedo a smart sci-fi show and spit in the face of diehard fans. True, Fringe was moved to the “Friday death slot”, but we didn’t care. Fox had defied all expectations and shown loyalty to its sci-fi viewers. Fast forward to 2012, when Fox renewed Fringe for its fifth and final season – an almost unprecedented opportunity to resolve an intelligent show in a planned and perfectly executed fashion.

After a decade of hating Fox for what it did to Firefly, I found myself respecting it again for its deft and devoted handling of Fringe.

And SyFy, I am beginning to respect you again too.

It has been years since I reliably tuned into SyFy. I had stopped taking you seriously. I got my dramatic sci-fi on Fox and AMC and TNT.

I had never even heard of 12 Monkeys (the show) until January of this year. You tempted me back with The Expanse, and you kept me here when I discovered 12 Monkeys. And that is what you need to remember. Fans like me. Fans slow to return to a network that, let’s be frank, let them down. But fans who instantly recognize quality, intelligent science fiction as soon as it’s put in front of us.

You know you have a winner with 12 Monkeys. You know its critical reviews are largely positive and celebrate the show as a return to SyFy’s roots. You know the fans who have found 12 Monkeys have become diehard loyalists. And I think a part of you knows – despite the ratings, despite the bean counters, despite the corporate hoopla – that this is a show that deserves to be on the SyFy that you are trying so very hard to return to.

It takes time to return the departed to the fold. Give us that time. It takes loyalty to see a show through to its proper resolution. Give us that loyalty.

We fans of 12 Monkeys? We were the fans of Firefly. We were the fans of Fringe.

And we will help you take SyFy where you want it to go.

With growing respect,
Kate Cummings