The Forming of the Ka-tet

The Dark Tower is an essential part of the Stephen King universe. Wayne and Troy step through the rabbit hole from 11.22.63 to Mid-world. To complete their Ka-tet they are joined by Geoff Gentry from Gotham Undercover for A Dark Tower book and movie discussion.

Over Labor Day weekend, Golden Spiral Media had a podcast marathon called Geeking Out MS.  Our hosts came together to podcast for 3 days.  We talked about the TV shows we normally podcast on.  We talked about movies and so much more.  It was a fun time getting to talk with each other, have TV/movie stars do interviews, and most of all, we got to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society.

The Dark Tower Calls

Wayne & Troy are no strangers to podcasting about Stephen King’s work.  Between the 11.22.63 A Look Back and the Under The Dome Radio podcasts, they have developed love for Sai King’s work.  When the idea for the marathon came about, I, Geoff, suggested doing a Dark Tower & The Gunslinger movie discussion.  We all felt the call of The Tower. So the Ka-Tet of the Tower was born.  Our slogan is “We’re podslingers! We deal in audio!” The podcast takes a break from 11.22.63, but we hope you stick around enjoy it!

We got the opportunity in the podcast to share our history with The Dark Tower books. We each come to the Tower series from a different place, but we all love the series. What is exciting for us is seeing the series coming to the screen.

Photos from Entertainment Weekly (here)

Idris Elba is staring as Roland Deschain, The Gunsliner and playing his enemy on the road to the Tower is Matthew McConaughey as The Man In Black.  The first movie will be different than the book but will still have Jake Chambers, played by Tom Taylor, joining Roland on his journey.  We are excited to see the changes and are confident they will tell a good Tower tale.  Later on his journey Roland is joined by the street-smart Eddie Dean, Odetta/Detta/Susannah Dean and Oy.  Never fear Tower newbies, we give you a short introduction to the characters and some of the themes of the series.

While talking about the movie and the books we each shared things we were looking forward to and wanted to see.

Geoff – My favorite books in the series are Wizard and Glass along with Wolves of the Calla. I want to see these done well as good movies. I like them so much because the Ka-tet is together and working as a unit. Plus I love the ties to Salem’s Lot and getting to know more of Roland’s backstory.

Wayne – I absolutely love book 2 The Drawing of the Three, and book 5 Wolves of the Calla. The stories are SO rich, SO surprising, and are a pleasure to read multiple times. Everything from Lobstrocities, Roland’s wanting Tudorfish Popkins on the jet airliner, learning the truth of the Wolves, etc.

Troy – I always enjoyed the movie Being John Malkovich so to find the origins of the concept in the drawing of the three will make that my favorite book I feel. And when I saw Tomorrowland and the ability to make a virtual door that went to a beach I was super excited to see that effect in a future Dark Tower movie. Song of Susannah gets a special vote because when a certain character shows up in the book… I was all what the what, that’s when I knew the ending was going to be amazing.

We had a great time discussing the Stephen King and The Dark Tower.  We would have discussed it for longer, but part of the marathon meant having stars who were at Geekinomicon (where GSM had based the marathon) join us.  When Greg Grunberg & John Noble show up to talk live, you seize the opportunity!  Thank you so much for joining us for this special episode! Who knows when the Ka-tet of Golden Spiral Media will be back in your feeds talking all things Dark Tower.

Geeking Out MS

Our podcast marathon weekend may be over,  But the fight against MS continues!  You can help support the fight against by becoming gunslingers for a the cause.  Head on over to https://www.goldenspiralmedia.com/ms and make a contribution.  We would be grateful to you if you join us in this fight!

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