Soldier Boy Look Back

This week on 11.22.63 Soldier Boy, Jake continues to recover from his horrific beating with Sadie at his side. Deke keeps Sadie company throughout the recovery process as we find out that Ms. Mimi has passed away during the the early days of November 1963. We progress quickly to the the morning of November 22nd fairly quickly through the use of title card sequences as Jake struggles to get his memory back. He seeks out the one person that can help him, but will his brother (yeah right) Bill be in the right mind himself since being committed to the asylum. Jake and Sadie also have a run in with Lee Harvey Oswald himself as they take a trip down memory lane on Madison street to jog Jake’s memory of the past. But none of that compares to the conversation Jake has when he encounters The Yellow Card Man directly the night before JFK’s assassination.

Segment Run times

Introduction (0:00-4:02)
The Reset (4:02-8:54)
The Look back – Show Discussion (8:54-30:13)
The Look back – Book and Easter Eggs (30:13-38:54)
PromoRemake This Movie Right (38:54-39:27)
The Phone Booth (39:27-1:25:15)

Soldier Boy Points of Interest

The clock continues to progress with another 5 minute jump to 12:25 and the song on the record this week was still “Shaking”.

We had a few callouts from Facebook group member David Swinney. He mentioned how he loved the incorporation of The Hertz Sign, as well as a recent interview of Lee’s coworker Buell Frazier, the man who carpooled with Lee on the way to work the morning of 11/22/63.

In her seventh blog post Bridget Carpenter discusses Kevin J. O’Connor’s monologue as “The Yellow Card Man, as well as the foreshadowing from the pilot where Jake talks about state run asylum institutions being no good. Go behind the scenes with Bridget thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

Thanks to Todd Schwartzberg from the Facebook group who shared with us the theory of The Babooshka Lady. Could it have been Marina Oswald and will they use this in the show during the finale? See the theory below.

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