Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald Look Back

Of all the people in the world you not expect to say Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald, Bill just happens to being doing shots with his upstairs neighbor. This week Bill goes off the rails and Jake doesn’t even know about it because he is too busy taking care of Sadie these past 6 months (time is flying right along in the past). After the failure to see if Lee is the shooter for the Walker assassination attempt, Jake takes things into his own hands as he interrogates George de Mohrenschildt. Marina is living apart from Lee, who is dealing with getting a job while being tailed by the FBI. But none of this is as critical as the bets being placed over town and some bookies looking to collect with Jake. Come join the party as we discuss Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald this week on the podcast.

Segment Run times

Introduction (0:00-2:57)
The Reset (2:57-5:43)
The Look back – Show Discussion (5:43-31:58)
The Look back – Book and Easter Eggs (31:58-49:40)
PromoRemake This Movie Right (49:40-50:13)
The Phone Booth (50:13-1:01:50)

Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald Points of Interest

More than just the record changed this week in the title sequence which also came quite a ways into the episode. The clock moves every closer once again now at 12:20 PM. We also had the song on the record now say “Shaking”. But the big changes were on the bulletin board towards the opening of the credits where a new newspaper article is tacked up, and Josh Duhmael’s Frank Dunning has been replaced by Sarah Gadon’s Sadie.

Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald

Another great easter egg this week as we meet FBI Agent Hosty played by non other than Gil Bellows. If you recall, Gil played Tommy Williams in the movie adaptation of Stephen King’s Shawshank Redemption. Have you spotted other actors from Stephen King’s other properties?

Happy Birthday Lee Harvey Oswald

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