The Kill Floor Look Back

In the second episode of 11.22.63 Jake travels to Holden Kentucky where he runs into a pants-less Harry Dunning. Harry is consistently bothered by a set of bullies which reminds us much of the bullies from Stephen Kings IT. Holden Kentucky also resembles the town of Derry Maine from IT, in that the color and brightness and sensibility of the towns folk just seems off.

In this adaptation, Jake decides to interact with Frank Dunning rather than watch from afar. This leads Jake and Dunning to a slaughter house and the kill floor, where Frank puts Jakes ability to kill to the test. Sensing that the Jake may be sleeping with his wife Doris Dunning, Frank teaches Jake a lesson at his butcher shop which is the catalyst for Jake to find his inner killer, and a gun, a .38 police special.

Will Jake successfully save Harry and the rest of the Dunnings? Will Bill Turcotte lose his job over all those free drinks? And will we see a guest appearance from any of the MASH actors this season since Jake apparently served with them? All this and more on this week’s 11.22.63 A Look Back for The Kill Floor.

Segment Run times

Introduction (0:00-3:18)
The Reset (03:19-10:40)
The Look back – Show Discussion (10:41-30:43)
The Look back – Book and Easter Eggs (30:44-42:54)
Ratings (42:55-46:04)
PromoRemake This Movie Right (46:05-46:37)
The Phone Booth (46:38-1:08:41)

The Kill Floor Points of Interest

The opening Credits from week to week appear to be affected by Jake’s presence in the past, (or maybe just some Bad Robot magic). This week we noticed that Al’s diner in the opening title sequence had a pumpkin on it compared to last week’s that did not.

The Kill Floor

Also we noticed that the clock at the end of the episode moved forward 5 minutes in time from 11:55 to 12:00. Given that there are only 6 episodes remaining this would lead us to believe that the final title sequence in episode 8 will have the clock at 12:30. If you then assume 12:30 PM, that is the time JFK was assassinated. NEAT STUFF!

The Kill Floor

The third change we found although super hard to do unless you stood on your head and rubbed your belly at the same time is the record on the record player. In the first episode the record’s album or song title is “Just Like A Candle”, in contrast to episode 2 where the record says “Wait For The Bunny”. Clearly that was a warning for that creepy bunny costume toward the end of the episode.

The Kill Floor

In her second blog post Bridget Carpenter, shares a few easter eggs that were not clearly visible in the show. She also talks about the amazing performance of Josh Duhamel in The Kill Floor. Go behind the scenes with Bridget thanks to Entertainment Weekly.

We also mentioned Angel Numbers this week, especially the number 1109, the address to Dunning’s butcher shop. Read all about the Angel numbers and their meanings.

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