The Rabbit Hole Look Back

In the first episode of Hulu’s 11.22.63 entitled “The Rabbit Hole”, we meet our hero Jake Epping as he is listening to one of his GED students Essays. Harry Dunning is sharing with the class how his father murdered his family on Halloween night in 1960. This will not be the first change nor the last that book lovers will come to see as the this new 8 part mini series kicked off with a bang.

Broken into almost two separate episodes we find Jake Epping aka James Amberson, becoming familiar with the past and exploring the town of Lisbon Falls Maine. The changes pick up quickly as Jake moves on to Dallas to being his surveillance of George de Mohrenschildt. George, thought by Jake’s friend Al Templeton to be the man who set up Oswald, secretly meets with the CIA and a greater coverup may be underway in this story to save John F Kennedy’s life.

Join us as we discuss where you can find some insane pie, tasty corn on the cob, and drive the mile a minute highway in some of the coolest convertibles you have ever seen in a 1960s recreation. Don’t spill your milk in excitement because remember the past pushes back and life turns on a dime.

The Rabbit Hole Links of Interest

First off how amazing is Bridget Carpenter! Not only is she bringing one of the greatest books by Stephen King to life, but she is also blogging about the experience. Go behind the scenes with Bridget thanks to Entertainment Weekly. One of our Time Traveling companions Richard recommend the book “Replay” by Ken Grimwood which you can get as your free download with a free 30-day trial at Audible.com. Or if you you like you can also use your free download to begin listening to Stephen King’s 11/22/63 novel.

We also mentioned the auditorium that David shared is where JFK actually gave the same rally speech in September of 1960. You can also read how Hulu is stepping up its game with original content in 2016 to go against the likes of Netflix and Amazon.

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Thanks for listening! We’ll talk to you soon. Remember the past is obdurate, and life turns on a dime.