“A Small Town” got big ratings from Robert, sort of big ratings from Darrell, but nothing but small ratings from our viewer feedback section, Talky Tina. What was it about a pleasant, mostly one dimensional story about doing good in the world from a supernatural scale model of a small town in a church attic that didn’t land well with everyone? Maybe that’s just it, not a deep enough story for deep story loving Twilight Zone fans. Be that as it may, the machine and its machinations took Robert to a new theory that the episode actually represented a symbol for what the Twilight Zone is—it is our modern day Deus Ex Machina that opens the story doors to today’s issues and sets up a non-confrontational debate stage for viewers to see their world through the different colored light filters of a tv playhouse. Darrell and Robert discuss that theory and other ones on this potentially flat episode that produced a roller coaster ride of up and down ratings.

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