As we discussed in our review and breakdown episode, “A Message from Ground Control” left us with more questions than it did answers, which we didn’t expect from a penultimate episode, but we are, as always, so grateful to have Nachos to bring such deliciousness to the plate and help us make a little more sense of this puzzling episode of Debris! We hear from Adam, Emily (Soggy Nacho), Julie, Barb, Cheryl B, Kome, Elyse, Bradley, John (TheSilverVox), Brian (Zeppelin Driver), and Patty from Canadia (who helps us understand the complex science in this episode)! Our Nachos cover topics like the intentions of the debris and whether or not it actually does come in peace, how Bryan and Finola seem to have switched roles as far as their sense of hope is concerned, whether or not characters like Maddox and George can be trusted, what they expect from and hope for the upcoming season finale, and so much more! We really hope that you will join the conversation next week and offer your input on the upcoming season finale which will surely be exciting and climactic!

Poll of the Week:

Do you believe that George realizes that Influx is keeping tabs on him?

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