Here we are, reviewing “A Human Face,” 70% finished with season 2 of the new Twilight Zone series. I haven’t done the math, but I think it is fair to say we like season 2 at least more than 70% of our collective capacity to like the episodes so far. That being said, some people like this episode far more than we do. And you know what, that’s ok. It’s ok because in this podcast episode we examine what it means to lose loved ones and what love, itself, means to us and to these characters. Can you trust a space traveling pacification drone to take the place of a cherished person you lost for good, but now you’ll see this thing be just like them and they’ll have an “uber” knowledge about you that illuminates what went wrong in the past? Seemingly this household and this street have made a leap of faith to feel that love again and have it returned. And there’s why the Twilight Zone is generally better than just 70% because a story about lost loved ones is ultimately a story about faith…and that topic will go one for eternity. Enjoy. Share. And reconnect with loved ones present and past.

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