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When I first had the idea for what would eventually become last season’s episodes of Stuff I Learned Yesterday, it wasn’t so I could share the story on SILY. What is now collectively known as “The Dream” season of Stuff I Learned Yesterday started as a yearning to share my story from the stage. In the fall of 2018 I attended a conference called Free the Dream which you’ll hear more about starting with the new season next week. After that conference I felt compelled to share my story and inquired about the possibility of being a speaker at the next year’s conference. However, I was not approved to be a speaker for that conference.

I attended the next year’s conference and afterward I felt even more compelled to share my story, so I once again inquired about being a speaker the following year. I even put together an outline of the story, developed that into a 30ish minute essay, and then made a video and audio recording of me presenting it. I submitted that audio and video for consideration to be a speaker in 2020. Soon after I was informed that I was among those being considered for the event!

Of course, 2020 came along and everything changed. There would be no conference in 2020, and I wasn’t sure when or if there would be another one. Either way, I didn’t want to wait for an invitation to speak at an event before I shared my story. It was then that I had the idea to turn that 30-40 minute inspirational speech into a season of Stuff I Learned Yesterday. As I explored that idea I realized I could share more details, but what got me most excited was it would give me the chance to interview Mr. Harrison and share some of his story too. My original speech included me telling certain parts of his story, but hearing him tell it in his own voice and style was an even better option.

I quickly came up with an outline to turn that speech into a 10 episode arc of Stuff I Learned Yesterday, but I wasn’t going to bring SILY back for only 10 episodes. I decided that I needed to come up with three seasons of content before I could justify bringing back Stuff I Learned Yesterday. Once I was able to do that, I began teasing the return of SILY, and of course, I relaunched it on March 17 of this year, exactly 7 years after I first launched the podcast.

I’m beyond thrilled that you’ve taken time to listen to this past season, and I’m excited for the new season entitled, “The Car,” that kicks off next week.

In today’s episode, I have the privilege of sharing YOUR stories and thoughts that you sent in about “The Dream.” Thank you to all of you who took the time to share your stories. Your stories not only inspire me, but many others who are listening right now.

I’m Darrell Darnell, and this has been Stuff I Learned Yesterday episode 573, “Community Feedback for The Dream.” Stuff I Learned Yesterday is part of the Golden Spiral Media podcast network.  Join me on Twitter at GSMPodcasts, or Facebook.

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