After discovering that there isn’t an AV Club meeting Joyce rushes to Hawkins Middle School to see what is really going on. When she arrives she finds Will in a trance like state. Joyce screams at her son to try to snap him out of it. Inside his mind Will is facing the Shadow Monster in the Upside Down and he is not winning. The creature invades Will’s body!

Eleven is in trouble. She has broken all the rules. Hopper wants answers. Where did she go? Did she see Mike? She insists that she was not seen. Hopper knows that is a lie because a local woman has called the Cops. He tells El that she is grounded. There are consequences to her behavior. No eggos and no television. Eleven proceeds to throw a temper tantrum of supernatural proportion. In her blinding rage the windows are shattered.

Lucas is dumpster diving looking for Dart. Will stays home from School because he is not feeling quite himself. Joyce takes his temperature and finds it below normal. She tells Will she is going to run him a bath to help. When faced with the hot water Will has a fear response. He tells his Mother that the Shadow Monster likes it cold. Joyce continues desperately to try to get in touch with Hopper. When Will doesn’t show at school, Mike calls an emergency meeting of the AV Club. Max is very offended when she is not a member of the party. Mike believes that Dart is the key to helping Will and they must find him.

Hopper finally arrives at the Byers’ house to find the windows open and Will not wearing a shirt. Will is overcome with emotion as he tries to explain to Hopper and his Mother what is happening. Will says he doesn’t have to think he just knows things. Joyce suggests that Will draw what is going on in his head. He makes at least one hundred drawings. At first glance they seem to be nonsensical scribble but then Joyce notices the black lines connect. The lines seem to form a network of tunnels. Will says it is killing everything. Immediately Hopper thinks of the crops in the field.

will the wise3

Meanwhile, Jonathan and Nancy are on a secret mission. They want to infiltrate the Lab and get answers for what happened to Will and Barb. While there Dr. Owens gives them a tour and shows them a breech into the Upside Down. Inside a scientist is destroying thick black vines with a flamethrower. Dr. Owens says it is important that no one finds out what they are studying there, especially the Russians. He also assures them that those responsible for Will and Barb have been dealt with. On the way home from the Lab Nancy reveals that she has a tape recording of what Dr. Owens said. They decide to proceed with their plan to burn the Lab to the ground.

will the wise2

Eleven is left alone with no tv. Hopper said if she cleaned up while he was at work she may earn her television privileges back. While sweeping up glass on the floor she discovers a crawl space filled with boxes. One marked Hawkins Lab grabs her attention. Inside she finds a folder labeled Terry Ives. The article clippings and picture captivate Eleven. Using her mental gift El visits Terry. As El approaches Terry she is talking nonsense about rainbows. She keeps saying three to the left and four to the right. What does that mean? When Terry sees Eleven she calls out “Jane”. Eleven calls out “Mama”. Then El dissolves into tears as Terry is dematerialized. Is Terry really Eleven’s mother? I really want more information on this story line.

will the wise5

Dustin comes home to get Dart. Upon entering his room he sees the side of the aquarium is broken. In the bottom Dustin see’s skin. Dart is changing. The creature has developed a taste for blood and Dustin’s cat is victim number one. I think the boys have a baby demogorgon on their hands. Hopper has driven to explore the fields again. After jumping into a hole that he dug Hopper finds himself in a tunnel. As the film frame slowly turns upside down I am left wondering What is going to happen next? This episode is called Will the Wise. Can Will get information on the evil that is plaguing Hawkins from the Shadow Monster inside him? Will Nancy and Jonathan succeed in burning down the Lab? Will Dart kill again? Darrell and Addi would love your thoughts for the Stranger Things Podcast. Join us next week in Hawkins where things continue to get Stranger.

will the wise4

Will Nancy and Jonathan's plan to destroy the lab succeed?

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