In episode 11 of We Have To Go Back Podcast we take a journey back to LOST season 1 episodes 21 & 22, “The Greater Good” and “Born To Run.” In “The Greater Good” we learn about the circumstances that brought Sayid to Australia as he works with the CIA to stop a terror cell. On the island we see the fallout with John Locke as some of the survivors want answers about Boone’s death. Shannon asks Sayid to do something Boone’s death, but takes matters into her own hands when Sayid decides not to kill John.

In “Born To Run” we see Kate seek out the help of a childhood friend named Tom to help her see her mother who is dying of cancer. We learn more about the airplane that Kate fought hard to get in the episode, “Whatever the Case May Be,” and why it means so much to her. On island, Michael and Jin prepare to launch the raft before Monsoon season hits, but Michael is mysteriously poisoned. Jack learns about the hatch, and agrees with Locke that they should find out what is inside.

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