It’s episode 02 of We Have To Go Back-A LOST Revisited Podcast, and we’re taking a look back at Tabula Rasa and Walkabout. We have a lot of fun as we share our thoughts on the first glimpse we get into Kate’s backstory, the torment and death of Marshal Edward Mars, Walt’s possible ability to control the weather, and the importance of Kate and everyone else getting a clean slate. We also share some fun memories of what was going on in our lives the night Walkabout originally aired, all the clues we missed about the miracle that had occurred to Locke when they crashed, the inspiring faith of Rose, and the leadership qualities of Locke.

In our Lost in Literature segment Emilee looks at some of the philosophical writings of John Locke and Aristotle. In our Message in a Bottle segment we get some answers on why people hate Kate, and we hear some very interesting memories of the two episodes from the perspective of listeners around the world.

Send in your favorite Lost moments, theories you had for each episode, or fun Lost memories by calling 304-837-2278.

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