In We Have To Go Back Podcast episode 14 we take a look back at Lost season 2 episode 3, “Orientation” and episode 4, “Everybody Hates Hugo.”  In Orientation, Desmond accidentally shoots the computer and he and Sayid frantically try to fix it.  Jack and Locke watch the DHARMA orientation film with Dr. Marvin Candle, and the losties must decide whether or not they should keep pushing the button.  In flashback, we see Locke rejected by his father, Anthony Cooper, and Helen’s attempts to help him overcome it.  We take a look at all these plot points, plus we discuss Jack’s disbelief that there really was an incident as the orientation video claims, and how eventually we’ll learn that not only was there an incident, Jack is the one that caused it.  We also discuss Locke’s faith, Ana Lucia and the tailies, and other memories from when we first saw this episode.

In “Everybody Hates Hugo” we see the time period immediately after Hurley won the lottery, and before he stepped forward to claim the money.  We see him quit his job at Mr. Cluck’s, his carefree day with his best friend Johnny, and his brave move to ask Starla out on a date.  On the island we see that Hurley is put in charge of the food, and his dread over the responsibility of  it.  We also see the tailies acceptance of Jin, Sawyer, and Michael, and we meet Bernard.  We share our favorite moments of “Everybody Hates Hugo,” the bullet that is destined for Shannon, Hurley’s decision to have a big feast, and Charlie’s attempts to get Hurley to tell him what is inside the hatch.

Next up: “…And Found” and “Abandoned.”

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