We’re reached the half way point of Lost’s second season as we discuss season 2 episode 11, “The Hunting Party” and episode 12, “Fire + Water.”  In “The Hunting Party” we have flashbacks of Jack and Sarah’s marriage coming to an end while on the island Jack, Locke, and Sawyer try to hunt down Michael after he went off alone to look for Walt.  Instead of finding Walt, they encounter Tom Friendly in one of the most iconic scenes of Lost season 2.  Tom chastises the survivors of Oceanic 815 for entering the Swan Hatch, eating the food, and becoming too familiar with the island.

In “Fire + Water” we see flashbacks of Charlie’s childhood of when his mom gave him a piano, Liam’s drug addiction, and the moment when Liam sells Charlie’s piano in order to get clean and take responsibility over his wife and daughter.  On the island we see Charlie struggle with dreams that Aaron is in danger and must be baptized.  His efforts to protect Aaron and Claire are misunderstood and he ends up getting beat up by Locke, humiliated in front of the other survivors, and driving a wedge of distrust between himself and Claire and Locke.

In our Lost in Literature segment, Emilee takes an in-depth look at the story of Josiah from the Bible, which Eko told to Locke in “What Kate Did.”

Next up: the Sawyer centric episode “The Long Con” and the Sayid centric episode “One of Them.”

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