There is a spy in our midst and it is looking to take down the town of Hawkins from the inside. Will is being rushed to the lab. His temperature has spiked to 106. He is screaming that he feels burning everywhere. Unable to contact his friends, Dustin finds an unlikely ally in Steve. Armed with the nail bat they go to investigate the cellar. What they find is very worrisome. Dart has shed his skin again and escaped into the tunnels.

Nancy and Jonathan stay over at Murray’s house. Some soul searching questions from the Private Investigator lead to a romantic interlude between the two teens. The next morning Murray tells them to keep their eyes on the newspapers. He has copies of Nancy’s cassette ready to send across the country. Then giving Nancy and Jonathan a bottle of vodka he dismisses them from his home.

the spy3
Winona Ryder gives another truly impassioned performance in this episode. Joyce is demanding that the Scientists solve what is wrong with her boy. She insists that if they don’t find a solution she wants Will transferred to a real hospital. When Will wakes up he is confused. His memory seems to have been affected by his ordeal. However, there is one thing that is clear. The Shadow Monster is angry!

Dustin and Steve are trying to lure Dart out with raw meat. Along the way Steve dispenses advice on girls and hair. Lucas has gone to get Max. Now that Max knows the secret she can help with the mission. They must find Dart. The group meets at the junkyard and converts an old bus into a defense fort.

Back at the lab Will indicates a spot in the tunnels the Shadow Monster doesn’t want him to see. Dr. Owens gained more respect from me in this episode. His colleagues are anxious to start burning the vines to save the town. Dr. Owens wants to figure out how to disconnect Will from the monster first. The other Scientists think sacrificing one boy would be worth it to save Hawkins. A group of men is deployed to the spot in the tunnels that Will indicated. Hopper goes out to his truck and apologizes to Eleven through the radio. He doesn’t know she has left the cabin.

Night has fallen and Lucas is on the lookout. Max joins him and we get a little more of her story. Her parents have gotten divorced and her Dad still lives in California. This has caused Billy a lot of anger. Since he doesn’t want to take it out on his Mother he is mean to Max instead. In this episode they build the tension expertly. We hear Dart’s cry and see his skin long before we catch sight of the demogorgon itself. In the junkyard a fog has rolled in. Lucas perched on top of the bus catches sight of Dart. The meat is not interesting the creature so Steve goes out to entice him. There is more than one! Steve is surrounded!

The battle begins and the creatures are winning. Just when it appears that all is lost something causes all the monsters to retreat. What invisible force has caught their attention? At the lab Mike rushes to give the Scientists important information. Retreat! It’s a trap! Alas it is too late. The control panel tracking the heat signatures of the men suddenly goes dark. Lives have been lost in the tunnels tonight. The Scientists and Hopper watch in horror as a monster climbs up the makeshift elevator shaft. Join us at The Stranger Things Podcast as events unfold here in Hawkins.

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