It is October 28 1984. President Reagan is running for re-election and Hawkins is preparing for Halloween. Will Byers is home but things are still strange around here. Murray wants to talk to Hopper. He is worried about Russian spies and some girl who stole waffles after breaking the freezer case with her mind.

When we catch up with our favorite group of boys they are on a desperate hunt for quarters. Dustin is concerned about maintaining his high scores at the local arcade. While the boys are watching Dustin play Will thinks he sees something and gets drawn outside. The sky is lit up with what looks like fire and lightning. Mike goes to check on Will but sees nothing of the ominous storm. Will is back from the Upside Down but it clearly still has a grip on him.

stranger-things-season-2 storm

Joyce and Hopper seem to have a close friendship after their time together in the Upside Down. I was hoping to find these two a couple this season, but Joyce is seeing Bob. The most exciting thing I can say about Bob so far is that he is played by Sean Astin and that is pretty cool. Joyce and Hopper take Will for a checkup at the lab. The Doctor thinks he is suffering from the anniversary effect. Will tells them about his most recent episode of seeing the storm. He says it makes him feel frozen. However he also says he knows the storm is not here for him. This leads to my theory. I am wondering if the monster judged Will as being pure of heart during his time in the Upside Down and that is why it kept him alive. Perhaps the storm is coming for others?

In the beginning of the episode we witness a bank robbery in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. During a police chase the thieves escape by one of them using telekinetic powers to crush an overpass blocking the police from catching up. We see on the inside of her arm the number 008. Perhaps she is an experiment like Eleven. I think the storm, or the creature causing the storm, is after people that are using their powers for bad deeds like Eight.

Speaking of Eleven. Mike has not given up on her. Her fort is still set up in the basement and for nearly a year he has been trying to contact her on the Walkie Talkie. On day 352 he hears her voice but loses the signal immediately. Barb’s parents have also not given up. They are selling their home to pay for a new set of eyes on their daughter’s case.

There’s a new family in town. Max and her brother are causing quite a stir. Max is turning the boys heads for two reasons. First she is a new and pretty girl. Second she beat Dustin’s high score on Dig Dug. They believe she is MADMAX. What are Max and her brother doing in Hawkins?

In the last scene we see Hopper return home to find the tv on and half eaten waffles on the table. So Eleven is living with Hopper! Wow I wonder what will happen next? Want to keep talking about Stranger Things? Darrell and Addi would love your feedback on The Stranger Things Podcast. Whether you are watching one episode at a time or viewing it all in one weekend send your thoughts. Just place the episode number in the subject line and send it off to I will catch you later for the next episode. My guess, Hawkins is about to get a whole lot stranger.

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