Join Addi and Darrell as they talk about their trip to San Diego Comic Con. In this episode they talk about their overall experience at SDCC 2017 including the Netflix booth, Netflix experience, cool merchandise they got, Funko Pop characters, and cosplayers. They also talk about their vacation day in San Diego.

They talk about how they were featured in the Netflix booth, the story behind Stranger Things Dustin hat, mini Funko Pop keychains (and their whole collection of Stranger Things Funko Pops).

Addi and Darrell share their thoughts and opinions on the pros and cons on SDCC and tell their opinions on how well it was (or wasn’t) organized. They also discuss the lines and crowds of Comic Con. It was Addi’s first trip to San Diego and she talks a little bit about that as well.

They talk a lot about their Funko Pop character collection, including ones they got from Comic Con and one Addi got before then, and about the mini keychain Stranger Things Funko Pop figures they got from San Diego Comic Con.

They saw some of the set of Stranger Things, so they talk about that and some of the props and what the Netflix experience was like for them and how they got through the line, and Addi’s experience trying to go through the Netflix experience again by herself.

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