As the final episode of season one begins, we meet up again with Joyce and Hopper in the lab. Hopper, being good at getting what he wants, gets Joyce and they go explore the upside down, to look for Will. At the Byers’ house, Nancy and Jonathan are finishing up the preparation for killing the demogorgon when Steve comes along and tries to fix everything with Jonathan, but finds Nancy there and starts wondering what’s going on. The demogorgon comes and Steve leaves the house. Back at the school, Dustin and Lucas go to get pudding for Eleven to eat. Mike starts telling Eleven that she could live with him and Nancy would be like her new sister, but he wouldn’t be her brother, and then he kisses her.

The bad people come and Eleven takes down some of them and the demogorgon gets more of them, while the kids are hiding out in the science room. Soon enough, the demogorgon comes into the room and Eleven takes him down, but then she disappears. Hopper and Joyce find Will and bring him back to life. Will wakes up in the Hospital with Joyce and Jonathan by his side and then they let Mike, Dustin, and Lucas in the room and they start telling Will about what happened while he was gone. A month later, Hopper goes to a party at his workplace and takes some food and puts it in a box in the forest. Will goes to the bathroom to wash his hands and coughs up a slug thing.

In this podcast episode Addi and Darrell discuss episode 8 of Stranger Things, “The Upside Down.” Addi talks about the quote and meme of the week, and in this episode, and in this episode, Addi shares some of her predictions for season 2.

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