Lucas discovers that the bad men are coming for Eleven and warns Dustin, Mike, and El. As they escape Mike’s house, Eleven and Dr. Brenner make eye contact. Lucas and the rest of the group meet back up. The bad people’s vans’ are behind them, but soon another van comes in front of them, and at the perfect moment, eleven flips the van with her mind. It was awesome. Lucas and Eleven apologize to each other, and Lucas and Mike make up as well. Joyce demands the handcuffs to be taken off Jonathan, but they take a look in his car and find all the bear traps and other weapons he and Nancy bought.

The bad people go to the wheeler’s house, search for eleven, and talk to Karen and Ted, which Ted insists they should trust them because they work for the government, but Karen isn’t so sure. Hopper, Nancy, Joyce, and Jonathan have to find Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven before the bad people find them so they contact them through Will’s walkie-talkie. Soon enough, they all get together and talk about what they know and what they need to do to find Will and Barb. Eleven realizes she can find them with the “bath” and Dustin calls Mr. Clarke to learn how to build a sensory deprivation tank. They get to the school and get the supplies and start building. Mike and Nancy decide to not have secrets anymore and tell each other everything. Mike makes it very clear he does not like Eleven. El discovers that Barb is dead and Will is barely alive. Joyce and Hopper go to the lab to get into the upside down, but get caught. Nancy and Jonathan go off to fight the demogorgon. In the upside down, Will’s fort is destroyed with him in it by the demogorgon.

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