In this chapter of Stranger Things we learn a lot of information about the upside down and how to get there, Joyce’s ex-husband, and Jonathan and Nancy’s family stories.

Hopper sneaks into the lab, gets caught, but then gets away. Lonnie, Joyce’s ex-husband tries to comfort Joyce. The boys learn more about the upside down. A funeral for Will is shown. Hopper finds out that the lab people bugged his house. Jonathan and Nancy continue working together. At the funeral reception, Mr. Clarke explains to Mike, Lucas, and Dustin how to get to the upside down. Dustin realizes the compasses aren’t pointing in the right direction. Joyce discovers that Lonnie is only there for money and not because he cares about Will. The boys get to a junkyard when Dustin realizes that they are circling back to where they were before because El was messing with the compass. Mike and Lucas get into a fight and El tries to stop it but ends up hurting Lucas, and while Dustin and Mike are distracted, she runs away. Jonathan and Nancy come across a half-dead dear and are about to put it out of its misery when something comes and takes it. Nancy comes across a hollow tree and goes in it and finds the monster.

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Hawkins Report:
From Variety: Stranger Things has been nominated for 18 (19??) Emmy Awards!!
From TV Line: Season Two of Stringer Things is premiering earlier than originally planned!

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