Join Addi and Darrell as they talk about Stranger Things “Chapter 4: The Body,” where we see Mike skipping school, the boys giving El a makeover, A lab worker go in the crack in the wall but not come back out, and Jonathan and Nancy working together thanks to Jonathan’s photos.

Hopper tells Joyce the bad news about Will’s death but Eleven uses a walkie-talkie to be able to listen to Will talking/singing. Mike doesn’t go to school that day. Jonathan and Joyce go to the morgue to see Will, but Joyce insists it isn’t Will. Mike, Dustin, and Lucas give Eleven a makeover. A scientist explores the opening in the wall in the lab, but he doesn’t come back out. Meanwhile, Nancy gets interviewed by the police about Barb. The school has an assembly for Will but Troy and James are being mean so Mike pushes Troy but El user her powers to stop Troy from getting him back. Nancy discovers something strange in a photo she picked up from when they ripped up Jonathan’s pictures and broke his camera and she confronts Jonathan about it. Hopper gets information about Will’s body from a guy he talks to at a bar. Joyce talks to Will through the wall. Hopper discovers that Will’s body was fake.

Hawkins Report:
Vanity Fair article: Winona Ryder Cried for 10 Hours During the Christmas Lights Scene

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Stranger Things Joyce Christmas Lights Meme

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