In this chapter we start out with Barb in an empty decayed swimming pool with a monster who drags her back down into the pool when she tries to escape. Jonathan wakes up to Joyce talking to some lamps in Will’s bedroom. When a light flickers Jonathan believes it’s just the electricity but Joyce thinks it’s Will. Mike tells El to meet them at the power lines behind his house at 3:15, when school gets out. Nancy starts wondering where Barb is. Hopper convinces the lab guard to let them in to look around. El is at the Wheeler’s by herself and levitates the millennium falcon like it’s nothing. Soon she goes upstairs and goes over to the TV and sees a Coke commercial and this brings a flashback to when she had to crush a Coke can at the lab for Dr. Brenner.

Joyce gets all her Christmas lights up all over her living room and ends up buying a lot more. The lab guys show Hopper the tapes from the night of November 6th and 7th, but Hopper realizes they’re lying because it was raining that night but there was no rain on the tapes. Eleven goes into Nancy’s room and finds a jewelry box that plays music. She also looks at the photos of Nancy and Barb. Tommy and Carol tell Nancy they don’t know where Barb is. The boys are looking for rocks for the wrist rocket. Lucas suspects Mike for liking Eleven. Troy tells the boys that Will is dead then trips mike and he bangs his chin on a rock he lands on. Jonathan develops the photos he took at Steve’s party.

Karen brings Joyce a casserole and Holly wanders into Will’s room and sees something in the wall. At the library, Hopper does research on the lab. Nancy calls Barb’s mom and asks is she has come yet, which she has not. Steve and his friends tear up Jonathan’s photos and break his camera. At the power lines, El sees a cat and has a flashback to being asked to hurt a cat but she doesn’t do it, making Dr. Brenner mad at her, but she then kills 2 lab workers using her mind and he them picks her up and carries her away. The boys and El go to look for Will while Nancy looks for Barb at Steve’s house and she sees something and gets scared and runs away. Joyce starts talking to Will through the lights, 1 blink for yes, 2 for no. Then she creates the alphabet wall so Will can make words. Nancy tells her mom she thinks something bad has happened to Barb. El leads the boys to Will’s house and says he’s there. They all watch as they pull Will’s dead body from the water.

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