November 6th 1983. Hawkins, Indiana. In the pilot episode of Stranger Things, we encounter a mysterious lab, a great group of kids, a monster, and a girl with superpowers. With the vanishing of Will Byers, we find out there is more to the little town of Hawkins than expected.

In a lab, a scientist is running from something. He gets in an elevator and is violently taken from the floor. A group of 4 boys play Dungeons and Dragons. On the way to his friend’s house Will Byers disappears into thin air. His mom is concerned and requests help from the police department. Meanwhile, a girl with barely any hair in a hospital gown comes across a restaurant. She goes into the kitchen and starts eating some fries but gets caught. Later, the girl and the restaurant owner sit at a table and he asks some questions. We find out her name is Eleven because of the 011 tattoo on her arm. He calls social services and asks them to come get Eleven. When the “social worker” comes, she kills the owner and Eleven runs away. 3 boys go looking for Will and as it starts to rain they hear a noise. They look up and find Eleven.

Addi and Darrell discuss the very first episode of Stranger Things including the quote of the week, predictions, and Hawkins Report (news and rumors) and more!.

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