Welcome to The Stranger Things Podcast! Join us as we journey through the mysterious happenings of Hawkins, Indiana and the Netflix original series, Stranger Things.

The Stranger Things Podcast pairs the father-daughter duo of Darrell and Addi Darnell. Our approach to the podcast will be unique. Addi is a Stranger Things super fan. She’s seen the show multiple times, active on Stranger Things social media websites, loves to talk about Stranger Things with her friends, and is about the same age as the main actors on the show.

On the other side of the studio, Darrell is viewing the show one episode at a time, each for the first time as each podcast episode is recorded. He’ll be trying to figure out what’s going on, while Addi tries her best not to give too much away or spoil him. As a child of the 80’s Darrell was very close to the age of the characters during the time frame in which the story is set. He’ll be able to identify with many of the pop culture and technological components of the show, and will share his thoughts on those subjects each episode.

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We invite you to share your thoughts about each episode too! Since we’re taking our podcast an episode of Stranger Things at a time, we ask that you keep your feedback contained to only the episode we’re discussing for each of our podcast episodes, or any episodes prior to that episode. You can send in your feedback by calling our voice message system at 304-837-2278, or by visiting our feedback page.

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