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12 Monkeys Season 4 Night 2 Discussion with Terry Matalas

The second trio of 12 Monkeys season 4 episodes lightens the mood as Team Splinter embarks on series of adventures in night 2, which includes 404 “Legacy,” 405 “After,” and 406 “Die Glocke.” The search for the weapon is on as the Witness seeks to turn Titan to its true purpose: the creation of the Red Forest.

Terry Matalas joins Mike and Cory for this discussion of night 2, and the 12 Monkeys showrunner has plenty to share about how these three episodes were conceived and executed. We speculate on Jennifer’s lack of primariness, Jones’ deteriorating health, Deacon’s true motives, Cole’s focus on the mission, Cassie’s worry about losing Cole, the emergence of Emma, and the wonderful return guest appearances from Jay Karnes, Christopher Lloyd, and Peter Outerbridge.

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