In episode 502 of The Fringe Podcast we break down the Fringe season 5 premiere entitled, “Transilience Thought Unifier Model-11.” We talk about the new feel of the episode and how this season will likely be different from previous seasons. We share our thoughts on the cast of characters for season 5 and how they are still very similar to the characters we’ve seen in previous seasons. Darrell offers up two new theories on the Observers and William Bell. Clint shares some real world science that relates to what we saw in this episode. And, of course, we discuss some of the powerful scenes from this episode and the amazing work the cast and crew did.

Here are the links mentioned in our Science of Tomorrow segment:
Brain-Computer Interfaces in Stroke Rehabilitation
Brain Remapping May Be Key To Recovery From Stroke

Here’s the link to the LBJ campaign video.

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